Architecture > Skills
Illustrator (confirmed)
InDesign (confirmed)
Photoshop (amateur)

SketchUp (confirmed)
3DS Max (amateur)

Drawing and Sketching
Softwares mastery
creation & assembling
3DS Max
Theoretical research
Workers domain
Construction-worker internship
2 weeks on a construction site with Colas TP.
First-practice Internship :

4 with AA Feraru architecture agency.
The ENSAL asks for students to produce some written works. It's the occasion to make theoretical observations and to learn the research process.
So I wrote :
- An Internship Report about Computer Assisted Conception (8 pages);
- A Research Report entitled "From Virtual to Reality : designing space". I described some game and level design methods, before transposing them to the architectural way of designing. (24 pages).
I've learnt construction techniques, but also the role of everyone in a construction project.
I've learnt designing methods, real architecture stakes, teamwork, etc.