Architecture > Projects
1st Year :
First year is mostly about experimenting and creating with full imagination, rather than learning the most technical part.
> Architectural project (trinominal)
Designing a reuse-zone for the Grand Lyon.
< Art Work about the relation between shapes and void. Experimenting with wire and plaster.
2nd Year :
During the second year, we're asked to be aware of the real context of an architectural project. Realizing the stakes and try to answer them.
< Architectural project (individual).
Designing an appartment block in Lyon's faubourg. This big project last a whole semester.
3rd Year :
In the third year, we're asked to be able to work in real conditions. The 5th semester is highly dense in group works, it asks good cooperating and organizing skills. The 6th semester is more individual though, but demands a lot of work. We then need to focus on the essential and, to be the most efficient, we need to improve our working process.
Architectural project (individual)
Designing a Cultural Center that should act as a monument in the district that we designed in semester 5. 
It's the final, and most important project, validating the Licence Degree.
Architectural/Urbanistic project (trinomal)
Designing a vast district in Villeurbanne. This big-scaled project last all the 5th semester.