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The Hungry Witch and the Gourmet Dish
Genre : Point and Click
Jam : Global Game Jam 2019
Theme : What home means to you
Tasks : Game-Design, Level Design, Sound design

This game is the result of the meeting of 6 persons with various profiles. We didn't know each other before this jam, and it was a very rich experience.
We chose to use the universe of tales, particularly the story of Hansel and Gretel. Except the fact that here, it is the witch that we follow !
For the gameplay, we decided to let the player the freedom to manipulate freely game elements. We were inspired more by toys than games.
Flappy Whale 3D Adventures
Genre : Arcade
Jam : Mix and Jam 2019
Theme : passing a 2D mechanic to 3D or vice-versa
Tasks : Game-Design, Level Design, Graphism

I made this game with to programmers collegues. So we needed to keep the graphism simple.
To stick with the theme, we decided to 'rebound' on FlappyBird's concept.
Therefore the gameplay is slightly different. Indeed player's goal is to find golden eggs that spawns randomly. This way the game-feel comes from navigating and exploring.
Paisible apr├Ęs-midi au fil des toiles
Genre : Puzzle-game
Jam : GMTK Jam (2500 jeux)
Theme : Only one
Tasks : Game-Design, Level Design, Graphism

To stick with the theme, we chose to use only one shape to set our gameplay up : the rectangle.
By drawing a selection square on the screen, you interact with different pieces. The first shape's color in the path of selection is given to  all other shapes of the selection.
Each level is an interpretation of a famous modern painting, remade with rectangles. On the right, their's a view of the original oeuvre, so you know where each color is supposed to be.
Genre : Arena shooter
Jam : Ludum Dare 42 
Theme : Sacrifices must be made
Tasks : Graphism, Game-Design, Level Design, Sound Design

This game's originality is the character movement. The crab can't move straight forward, so you need to combine forward or backward with  a lateral key to rotate. This way, the simple shooter mechanic is complexified that way.
The player have three different skills : range, fire rate and speed. After each level, he/she needs to sacrify a skill point. The theme is applied directly to the gameplay.
The game is rather difficult and would deserve a better balance, but we were only two and it was a huge work !
Island Delivery Service
Genre : Walking simulator
Jam : Global Game Jam 2018
Theme : Transmission
Tasks : Game-Design, Level Design, Sound Design

The 2018 GGJ was my first Game Jam. The theme "transmission" inspired us for the concept : you need to deliver packages to inhabitants. To distinguish one from another, we decided to have animal characters.

The island is big and places are easily recognizable. So we worked mostly on the level design, to insure that players are able to locate themself without instructions.
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