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2 players, 4 buttons, one Kitchen !
ongoing project
Year :
2019 - M1S1
Context :
1st semester project, trinominal.
Our instruction is to design a sportive game for at least 2 players. All interactions should be made with push-buttons (Arduino).
In addition, we wished to have a cooperationnal gameplay for more singularity.
Inspired by Overcooked, we made a "cuisine" game where players need to cooperate in order to succeed with cooking every meal whithin the timer. In this game, each button correspond to a type of action. According to each request, players are asked to interact differently with the buttons (cf. chart).
A card game about the Game Designer job :
year :
2019 - M1S1
Context :
For the pedagogic design course, it is asked to produce a profession record about a job that we are intrested in doing after our master degree.
The form is free : video, interview, presentation,...
I found pertinent to gamify this document, in order to present game designing skills in this work. Therefore, I made a card game.
Cards against Game Designers's goal is for each player to imagine then present an original game concept using the demanded constraints .
Each card is a design constraint. Players begin with 3 common cards in the middle and 3 cards in hand. By turns, everyone distributes his/her cards to other players, then each player speaks about his/her concept. Points are attributed regarding the respect of each constraint. Playtests have shown that the game is very fun, though the targetted audience is very specific.
Detailed Game Design concepts :
Years :
2018 and 2019
Context :
Two years in a row, I tried to achieve ENJMIN's competitive exam in Game Design. Here are the creative files that I  presented for the first round of selection. They describes a full game concept within 15 to 20p. Both were attribuated very good grades.
Unfortunatly, the selection is very tough and, after interviews, I was on the waiting list each time.
In 2018, the concept should inspire from George Perec's text about Ellis Island.
Sur nos traces described an exploration and investigation post-apocalyptic game. The gameplay was for 2 players, in asymetrical cooperation, one investigating an abandonned place in VR, the other exploring a database.
In 2019, the concept should be based on a marketing technique.
In Racinarchie, I inverted the green-washing technique in order to create a "forest"-builder game opposed to classical city-builders.
Space design, comparing methods in videogames/architecture
Year :
2016 - L3S2
Context :
End of Licence Degree Studies report, tutored.
This 22p long document is, for students an introduction to research methods and thesis writing.
I chose to study how the space is designed in videogames and how we can relate it to architectural design.
In the first part, I described the urban space of two games that have a different approach : Mirror's Edge (directed Level Design) and GTA V (open LD).
Then I introduced some methodological game designing tools (gameplay bricks, top-down and bottom-up approaches, categories of player).
Eventually, I made a connection between these tools and some methods used in architecture.

Taking a step back, i'm satisfied with my research work and my writing. However, having learnt a lot since, I find my former vision a bit naive and incomplete. There's no doubt that this report helped me improve.
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