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  Mahom's Desert  
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Firsts concepts, with mini-games : Mahom's Desert
In september 2017, I'm beginning my first game project, in complete autonomy. Without any technical background, I managed to make some prototypes thanks to Construct 2. From the beginning, I stick with writting conception documents, by hand, on paper !
Beat them Up
"Dodging route"
Puzzle dungeon
I was inspired by Arzak, a Moebius's comic and serie. Therefor I wished to tell the adventures of a protector-warrior from the mystical desert of Mahom.
Each mini-game shows a new situation, a way for me to test different concepts, and to develop my technical knowledges by prototyping.
I thought this project only as a beginner exercise, it hasn't been published.
Maps for Portal 2, Battleblock Theater et Kami 2
Being particularly interested by Level Design, I crafted some levels for games with included editors. I chose Portal 2, Battelblock Theater and Kami 2 for my affinities with these games. It allowed me to work on puzzle and plateformer levels, 2D and 3D.
Each time, my goal was to test simple principles with pertinence. In the future, these exercices proved very useful when designing game-jam levels.
Battleblock Theater
Portal 2
Kami 2
Graphic Design, interactivity and easter egg : CV and portefolio
in february 2019, I remade my CV entirely with two purposes :
  - create a visual style that's original and memorable;
  - propose a unique and playful reading.

The CV contains little enigmas, take some time to play !
The key to decypher is in the 
The path to unriddle is 
In november 2019, I decided to make a graphical rework of this portefolio, and, by the way, rethink its navigation and content.
i wished to show my productions more, rather than my knowledges, and to propose a flowing user experience.
I multiplied links and little interactions, for the navigation to be dynamic and, I hope, more pleasing.

I made this website with OpenElement, which allows to manage scripts (CSS, JS, HTML,...) in order to personnalise interactions and styles.

I'm currently working on a game designed for a close friend.
The theme of the game is : the initiatory trip of an indoor plant !

I also decided to make the game with opensource softwares. I'm learning how to use Godot and GDscript (looks like Python) and I work 2D pictures with GIMP.

I can't say more now, but the project is doing well !
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